Friday, February 4, 2011

Turning a mess into a Prince's room....

...has been a tough job! Baby John's nursery was formerly our "junk" room. It had a futon bed, a computer desk, chairs, bookshelves and more junk in it. I sold the futon bed, disassembled the desk, and pretty much cleared out everything else besides the bookshelves. We don't have room for them anywhere else in our house and they are a must! We own tons of books...books we rarely use.

Then I had to clean. The walls and baseboards were as dusty as an old castle. The carpets were gross....I vacuumed them, shampooed them, and vacuumed them several more times.

Then John moved in the crib and glider. Why did we do this before I painted the wall? Because I have ZERO patience and I want stuff done when I want it done =)

Then I had the task of painting the walls...alone, by myself. I was pretty afraid I'd screw up big time, yet somehow by the grace of God I did a pretty awesome job. Took me about 24 hours to finish, not bad if I say so myself. Boy was I SORE after I finally got done! I did 3 walls in a light blue and one accent wall in chocolate brown.

Then John moved in the dresser that his mom gave us (so grateful for it!) I cleaned it out, glued a drawer back together and filled it full of the baby's clothes. And trust me, it is FULL!

And today came in the first shipment of wall decals. I order medium blue and white polka dots for the brown wall and got them up today. I wanted to the the blue wall where the changing table is going to go also in polka dots along with a varsity letter wall I order it and more dots today. I'm so ready for it all to be over with and done. But by the looks of it, I will be working on this room until I go into labor...

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