Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lets give this another try...

My husband and I are both dog lovers. We have a heart for those puppy dog eyes and slobbery kisses. Needless to say, in the 5 years we have been together we have been thru ALOT of dogs. Its sad, but true. They get killed, commit suicide, tear apart my house, banned by our house insurance name it, its happened. Yet somehow we have managed to keep Ruthie for almost 4 years. She is our spastic Min-Pin terrier mix ball of craziness. We got her when she was just a baby, sick with kennel cough from a coworker of mine. She's pretty trained, doesn't tear junk up, listens. Yet like I said, she is a complete spaz! You cannot hold her, or cuddle with her. She's very uppity and acts like a scaredy cat. Lena is 3 years old and she is JUST now opening up to her. So we have been on a somewhat quest to find the perfect dog who will be awesome and amazing with Lena and our future kids. I have ALWAYS and FOREVER had a love for the Boxer breed. They are just gorgeous to me, I love their unique look. The other night on Netflix we all watched a show about dogs and decided it time to find Lena a dog. Has she had dogs before? Yes...puppies. Puppies are so cute and cuddly. But they are like a baby. I don't have the time or drive to care for a puppy, I'm about to have a baby in 4 months myself. I wanted a housetrained, young, healthy, kid friendly dog....if it was a boxer, even better. Well much to my surprise we found HIM on criagslist of all places! His name is Oscar Tank and he is pretty much the total package. Not only does he meet all my requirements, he also knows commands, and is a pure bred Boxer (with papers!). The guy who had time had to go out of town all the time for work and just couldn't give Oscar the love and attention he deserved. So for a small rehoming fee (and I mean small, still shocked over what I paid for a boxer!) he is now a Baggett =) Lena is head over heels crazy in love with him