Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Random Junk =)

I'm stealing the "idea" of posting 50 random facts about me from a friend....so here we go...

1. Ok, so I lied. Not stealing this from a friend. Stealing it from one of my BESTEST friends ever, Courtney =) She's super smart, beautiful, and the Godmother of my babies

2. I have two amazing, healthy, gorgeous kids that I am so blessed to have! Some days I want more kids, some days I am done. I guess only time will tell ;)

3. God totally hooked me up with a wonderful husband. Like, for real....I got so lucky! He's handsome, funny, hard working, sweet and a great father to our kids. Been married for 5 years and can't wait to grow older with him

4. I have two college degrees and I'm a stay at home mom. I could have done so much more with my time and money, oh well!

5. We are currently re-decorating/fixing our house and I feel like we will NEVER get done! We have tons and tons to do...it sucks

6. I LOVE True Blood, Sons of Anarchy, Teen Mom and Jersey Shore, haha!

7. I want to spend Christmas this year in a cabin in the mountains with my family and my niece's family

8. I want to go to Vegas and get re-married in a little white chapel by Elvis, seriously!

9. I've always struggled with my weight...and I feel like I always will

10. I'm a flip flop and purses kinda girl

11. Me&my friends should have our own reality tv show

12. I know its bad, but I love to gossip =/

13. I have 11 tattoos and cannot wait to get more!!! But it will be a while....

14. Because I am breastfeeding my son =) I feel stupid&lame that I didn't BF my daughter for long

15. I have very high expectations of my kids...they seriously better go to the Olympics or Harvard

16. I love photography!

17. I also love cosmetics...I have tons of makeup

18. I have always put more effort into certain friendships than I should...I always get hurt by people who don't care for me as much as I care for them

19. Besides being married and being a mom, high school was the best years of my life! I miss it so so so so much!

20. I hate to talk on the phone most of the time. I rather text anyday!

21. I could go max my credit card out on just clothes for my kids, lol! I love buying them stuff! I guess thats part of being a good mom, I'll wear rags while they're sporting name brands

22. My old diaries embarrass me...I was BAD! smh

23. I miss my niece and nephews sooo friggin' much! And they're spread out all over the US, it sucks!

24. It pisses me off beyond belief when women have kids and pawn them off on other folks! That baby is not your mom's, or your sister's, or your friend's responsibility! Ugh....I could go on and on and on!

25. I love cereal! I could eat it all day, everyday

26. The older I get, the quicker I apologize

27. My fave color is pink

28. I love to get cards...birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. They mean more to me than any gift and I keep everyone of them!

29. I'm frugal....I can spend tons but I get alot for my money!

30. I'm terrified of bones breaking

Friday, February 4, 2011

Turning a mess into a Prince's room....

...has been a tough job! Baby John's nursery was formerly our "junk" room. It had a futon bed, a computer desk, chairs, bookshelves and more junk in it. I sold the futon bed, disassembled the desk, and pretty much cleared out everything else besides the bookshelves. We don't have room for them anywhere else in our house and they are a must! We own tons of books...books we rarely use.

Then I had to clean. The walls and baseboards were as dusty as an old castle. The carpets were gross....I vacuumed them, shampooed them, and vacuumed them several more times.

Then John moved in the crib and glider. Why did we do this before I painted the wall? Because I have ZERO patience and I want stuff done when I want it done =)

Then I had the task of painting the walls...alone, by myself. I was pretty afraid I'd screw up big time, yet somehow by the grace of God I did a pretty awesome job. Took me about 24 hours to finish, not bad if I say so myself. Boy was I SORE after I finally got done! I did 3 walls in a light blue and one accent wall in chocolate brown.

Then John moved in the dresser that his mom gave us (so grateful for it!) I cleaned it out, glued a drawer back together and filled it full of the baby's clothes. And trust me, it is FULL!

And today came in the first shipment of wall decals. I order medium blue and white polka dots for the brown wall and got them up today. I wanted to the the blue wall where the changing table is going to go also in polka dots along with a varsity letter wall decal...so I order it and more dots today. I'm so ready for it all to be over with and done. But by the looks of it, I will be working on this room until I go into labor...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

People lessons

I have been getting so mad at myself lately for not knowing better. This year so far has sucked friendship/relationship wise. I try so hard for people, to go out of my way, to prove (and sometimes buy) my love. Yet I rarely feel the same kind of love back. 80% of the time I feel left out, used and not appreciated. I feel like I put tons of thought into stuff and others are not even phased by it. When I am hurt I'm always scared to tell that person how I feel because I am so scared that they will be mad at me. Be mad at me and treat me even worse. So I end up burying my feelings and proceed to allow them to hurt me. I've never been the type of person to not help a friend out when we try to do something together, if they need to be spotted I'll do it so we can have fun. Sometimes I get paid back, sometimes I don't. I'm definitely not saying its about money, but it sucks to treat people and never get treated back. I go out of my way to include people, invite them to things (even when I know they won't be able to go, just to make them feel wanted) and I get left out in the cold. I'm never thought of it seems like.

However, I can say I have a few select people in my life who have never made me feel this way. Friendship is a team, just like a marriage is a team. It takes effort from two people to make it work. I've gotten rid of a few people in my life for being a toxic friend and I'm proud I was able to do that. I just wish I could stop being SO NICE! I know thats a weird thing to wish for...but it would save me alot of heartache and hurt feelings. I'm tired of giving people the benefit of the doubt, second (and third and fourth) chances, and the special treatment. I want so bad to just do for me, myself and I (plus my husband and children of course)...and to be damned with everyone else. Maybe one day I'll learn my lesson. Or maybe one day I'll grow tougher skin and won't let things affect me so easily. Maybe....just maybe...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18 weeks to go

I'm just about 22 weeks pregnant. Everything so far has been great with the pregnancy. I haven't gained an unexcusable amount of weight like I did with Lena. Baby is totally healthy and active. I go in two weeks for the dreaded glucose test, yuk!

Lena is so funny, she makes me laugh all day long. Okay...maybe not ALL day long, she has her moments of driving me nuts. But I wouldn't have my life any other way. She's talking alot better and loves to draw. Her newest obsession is Oscar, she adores that dog. We took him yesterday to get a bath at the groomers and she cried for almost 45mins after leaving him. All she could say was "I want soscar"...it was quite cute and sad. Needless to say, she was estatic once he got home....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lets give this another try...

My husband and I are both dog lovers. We have a heart for those puppy dog eyes and slobbery kisses. Needless to say, in the 5 years we have been together we have been thru ALOT of dogs. Its sad, but true. They get killed, commit suicide, tear apart my house, banned by our house insurance provider...you name it, its happened. Yet somehow we have managed to keep Ruthie for almost 4 years. She is our spastic Min-Pin terrier mix ball of craziness. We got her when she was just a baby, sick with kennel cough from a coworker of mine. She's pretty perfect....house trained, doesn't tear junk up, listens. Yet like I said, she is a complete spaz! You cannot hold her, or cuddle with her. She's very uppity and acts like a scaredy cat. Lena is 3 years old and she is JUST now opening up to her. So we have been on a somewhat quest to find the perfect dog who will be awesome and amazing with Lena and our future kids. I have ALWAYS and FOREVER had a love for the Boxer breed. They are just gorgeous to me, I love their unique look. The other night on Netflix we all watched a show about dogs and decided it time to find Lena a dog. Has she had dogs before? Yes...puppies. Puppies are so cute and cuddly. But they are like a baby. I don't have the time or drive to care for a puppy, I'm about to have a baby in 4 months myself. I wanted a housetrained, young, healthy, kid friendly dog....if it was a boxer, even better. Well much to my surprise we found HIM on criagslist of all places! His name is Oscar Tank and he is pretty much the total package. Not only does he meet all my requirements, he also knows commands, and is a pure bred Boxer (with papers!). The guy who had time had to go out of town all the time for work and just couldn't give Oscar the love and attention he deserved. So for a small rehoming fee (and I mean small, still shocked over what I paid for a boxer!) he is now a Baggett =) Lena is head over heels crazy in love with him

Monday, January 10, 2011


Its been a long time since I've blogged. Alot has changed. My goals, views, and life. I was so wrapped up in school and starting my career last time I was on here. Obviously my career never got started. Job market sucks right now....or maybe I wasn't what hospitals were looking for. Either way, this is both a bummer and blessing. Bummer because I worked SO hard in school to succeed and to be the best...and get nothing but a piece of paper saying I graduated. Blessing because we're expanding our family =) John David Garland is due May 26th, I'm halfway on my journey to meet him. I am totally enjoying my time at home being Lena's mom, and can't wait to be a mom-of-two. John has also been blessed with an awesome new job that has allowed me to stay at home...which is wonderful. I'm so over my whole makeup fetish. Don't get me wrong, I still love reading about new products and getting dolled up every now and then. But its just not a big deal to me anymore. I have every piece of makeup I'll probably ever need, so I guess I'm "complete". My current project is baby John's room. It was our "junk" room and boy did it had alot crap in it! I've cleared out a futon bed, computer desk, chairs, desktop....just stuff! We are keeping the two bookshelves we have in there because, well...we have no other place for them. Got his crib up last night and waiting on his bedding to come in. I might paint...I might not. Who knows whats to come...

Friday, July 30, 2010

White tips

So just a little update for my blog. A whole lot of nothing has been going on. I finally got the answer from UT, and apparently I wasn't their first choice. Its nice hearing that I was in the top 3, but if your not #1 then does it really even matter? Not a whole lot. My job search here is still going, there are a couple hospitals hiring for the position I'm looking for...but I have also applied for medical clerical help as well. Anything to get my foot in the door, right?

Lena has been doing very well in the potty training business. Its been about three weeks now, and she has not wet the bed once. She can hold it all night, during naps, during movies, while were out. But...going #2 is a problem. The problem being, she HATES it. I know it seems funny, but the kid acts terrified when it happens. She screams and cries. Its not hurting her...I just think she is such a germ-a-phobe, it freaks her out. Otherwise, she's doing fantastic. Gah I can't believe I'm on here writing about my kid's poop, but hey.....I'm a dedicated mom, so deal with it!

The best friend and I ordered the 1st Edition 120 Eyeshadow Palettes from Sedona Lace and they arrived today! YAY! The are just as bit amazing, if not more amazing, than every review I have read about them. The colors are beautiful, very creamy, blendable and pigmented. The possibilities are endless because, well geez...there are 120 colors to work with! Yet for some reason I long for every palette they make, isn't that crazy? haha! I'm a eyeshadow freak...I can't get enough of them and I never will!

By the way, CVS is my new favorite place to be. The whole earn extra bucks thing is excellent, but they also have certain makeup items 50-75% off! And its not off junk items...its off nice stuff! Like the other day I got some Revlon Mineral Powder that was $13 for like $3. Tonight I got some lip plumping lipgloss (forgot the brand) for $1.25! Almay mascara just $1.75! I mean its so cheap, I had to buy it! I'm a HUGE bronzer fan...found some for just a buck, a girl can never have too many bronzers!

Oh yeah, and I named this title white tips because I painted my nails white and couldn't think of a name to represent this whole rambling =)